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Clean Beauty: The Makeup Edition | Ok wow.

So, I talked about my skin care routine in my last post. But I would also like to mention my makeup products. Honestly, it’s not that exciting because I don’t own many products. On the one hand because skin care is more important to me than make-up and I rarely wear it anyway and on the other hand because I have high standards.

As you may have noticed, my skin care routine consists only of products that are natural or ‘clean’ cosmetics or that at least do not harm people or the environment. The same can’t be said about my makeup products and I will try to explain it a bit on the way.

Organic makeup products

Lets start with the organic makeup products: concealer, blush, powder and brow gel.


Concealers are my favourite products and also the ones where I’m most critical. Right now I own two – one from Hiro Cosmetics and the other from Miild Makeup, because I’m crazy (no one needs two concealers; compared to beauty gurus though it’s nothing).

First, I really liked the Concealer from Miild Makeup, I really liked the concept of having two colours that can be mixed depending on what you want. But the more I used it the more I realised that the consistency didn’t work for my undereyes and I want a concealer that works both for my face and my undereyes. Also, the colour is a little bit too light for me and the pinkish corrector colour doesn’t work for my skin undertone. Now in the winter the not pinkish color fits quite well though, which is why I will use up the concealer.

The other concealer I own is the Spacebalm by Hiro Cosmetics and I generally really like it, but sometimes it is a little bit too shiny for my tasting and sometimes I would like to have more coverage. It takes a long time to use it up, but I think I’ll try another concealer once I’ve finished this one.

RMS Lip2Cheek | Modest

As a blush I use the RMS Lip2Cheek in Modest. It is the perfect colour for me as it works well in both summer and winter. In the summer, the blush gives you the illusion of being flushed by the sun and in the winter, thanks to the blush, you look as if you have just had a walk in the cold. Like with Hiro’s concealer, it will take me a while until I’ve used up the blush. But once I’ve finished it, I’ll get myself one of Kjaer Weis’ blushes, especially Joyful and Desired Glow catched my eye.

Powder and Brow Gel

To fix the concealer I use a loose transparent powder from the drugstore (alverde, for those with a dm nearby). It does its job, only the packaging could be better, because since the holes cannot be closed, the powder is dispersed all over the packaging.

My eyebrows are very fair, so this step alone may seem unnecessary to some, but anyways I do it for myself and not for others. I use a transparent brow gel, currently the one from Lavera and I like it very much. The eyebrows stay in shape without the single hairs getting ‘crispy’, if you know what I mean.

all makeup products
Everything I use except for the mascara

Conventional makeup products

Let’s have a look at the culprits among my makeup products: mascara and eyebrow pencil.

As I mentioned before, my eyebrows are very fair. The same goes for the rest of my body hair, so it is very difficult to find products that work for my brows or lashes.


Since my eyelashes are so fair, I always look for brown mascara. It’s not easy to find good brown mascara in general that isn’t, for example, too reddish. Then there is also the fact that it should stay on my lashes, but at the same time go off without irritating my eyes too much. As you can imagine, it is even harder to fulfil these conditions in the organic beauty sector. Because even though a lot has happened when it comes to ‘green’ mascara, this is only true for black mascara.

So I’m currently using conventional mascara. I don’t want to go into that further, because the one I’m using isn’t really good and was more or less a last minute panic purchase before an event. If you have any recommendations for organic brown mascara, feel free to share them in the comments!

Brow pencil

Really light eyebrow pencils never existed. They are called fair, light blond, etc. but they never are. So I put the topic behind me and tried to accept my ‘invisible eyebrows’ look. Until Fenty Beauty came out with their eyebrow pencils. And even though this eyebrow pencil is not perfect and I’m not good with applying it, it’s the nearest I ever got to having visible but natural looking eyebrows. Now, I’m not saying that I or anyone else for that matter need to draw in their brows, but I like to have the option.

That’s all I’m using right now. As I said, it’s not really fascinating. But maybe some of you were inspired by my products. As I already wrote in my last post, this should not create pressure that you need or don’t need makeup. Neither I, nor any brands, social norms or other people decide what you can or can’t do with makeup. This is your decision alone. If there are still any questions unanswered, feel free to ask them in the comments!


P. S.: I’m still looking for a good (cream) bronzer (powder products and I don’t work so well together. So, I’m all the more surprised that I found a setting powder that works for me). Although, I always waver between feeling that I ‘need’ one and feeling like it’s totally unnecessary. Nevertheless, I would be happy if you would share your recommendations in the comments.


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