The one where I say goodbye | Ok wow.

As I already wrote in my first post, I had to create a blog as part of an uni module. In Scotland the term is over now and that’s why I will say goodbye for now. This has been quite the experience with some ups and downs. I gained a lot of respect for everyone for all those who regularly run a blog.
It was very important to me to write about something that is relevant and close to my heart. I think I achieved that. I hope you could take something away from the blog as well! I don’t know if I will contine this blog yet, but will make the decision in the new year.

If you want to know about the things I remembered thanks to the blog and my Instagram page, head over to my IG page.

A Lifetime Ago

I’ve only been in Scotland four months, but it feels like it’s been ages since I got here. I came here for my Erasmus semester with a lot of expectations and I’ll leave with a lot of experiences. In my time abroad I’ve met a lot of new people and made new friends that I will miss dearly. I learned enough italian to order my favourite pizza and I’m almost able to understand people with a scottish accent.

It was very intense. Probably because everyone around me was in the same position. It felt like a very long class trip. Almost too long and I’m excited to go back home. But it will also be quite strange. When you experience so much in such a short amount of time, it feels like you changed a lot and when you come back home everything is the same. That is on the one hand scary and on the other hand comforting. Because even though everything feels uncertain, you know that when you come home, you’re friends are there and (hopefully) as excited as you to see them again.


So, this is the last of it for now. You can still access my blog for the time being and I will post on IG for a little while longer. Thank you for being part of this! I want to thank everyone who helped me by liking, commenting or interacting with me in other ways.⁠

Thanks to all my friends who kept me sane, who proofread my posts, who I showed pictures to before posting, who’s photos I could use or who helped me with their coding skills. But the biggest shoutout goes to Linda. Thank you for being my photographer, personal assistant and for helping me with understanding this blog thing. Without you, I couldn’t have done it. But than again, I wouldn’t have chosen the module if it weren’t for you.
You’re my dictionary and I’m your calendar <3 (She also has a blog, check out lindagendry.de!)


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