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Travelling can have a big influence on the climate, especially long journeys and especially if we undertake them by plane. [1, 2] Even though flying accounts for only a small part of the world’s total CO2 emissions, it is still critical because the number of passengers is rising steadily and even if the proportion may be small in comparison, the absolute figures are still considerable. [3, 4]

Now does that mean that we have to stay at home and renounce travelling completely? No, one way to keep up the wanderlust is to take Micro Trips. With this trend, it means that you can take short weekend trips, no matter where, no matter which means of transport you use. [5] But of course I’d like to introduce you to an environmentally friendly option, so I’ve reinterpreted it a bit.

What struck me last semester in a conversation with a french Erasmus student was that I hardly know the area around Dresden. But why is that? When I plan trips or short trips and think about where to go, it should be an exciting, beautiful place, and apparently I associate it with ‘as far away as possible’. This is expensive on the one hand and on the other not exactly ideal for the environment.

So when I talked to this fellow student, I noticed that there are also some beautiful places in Saxony that can be visited by public transport.
I have therefore decided to go on holidays that are not far away from where I’m living. Instead I want to do ‘microventures’.

Firth of Clyde
Firth of Clyde

This is also the name of the first series on this blog, starting with my first trip through Scotland where I’m currently living (read my latest blog post to learn more about my trip to Scotland). It leads us to Ayr, a small town in the southwest of Scotland, situated at the Firth of Clyde.

friends in Ayr
On the way to the beach

I took the train from Paisley to Ayr with some friends. You need about 50 min. We had no idea about group tickets, off-peak times and we didn’t hear about the Railcard yet. Nevertheless, it was not too expensive.

Off-Peak Day Return: £9.80

We had good luck with the weather and could explore the city in the sunshine. Ultimately, we landed at the beach where we sat down at the quay wall in the sun. There, we just enjoyed the beautiful weather and the sound of the sea.

Now it’s a bit colder, but if you want to escape the city for a few hours, Ayr is the perfect destination as it’s not too far from Glasgow. To be on the beach in sunshine is possible at any time of the year, am I right?


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  • Thomas

    I think you can even make weekendtrips in your own city. Most people don’t visit a lot of attractions in there city because they say that they can visit this spots every time but never do.

    • Lena

      So true! I’m always struggling to come up with places to visit in my hometown when people ask me, because I never go to the touristy spots.

  • Stephanie


    Thanks for that interesting blog post, it’s so very true, even by traveling only 1-2 hours away from your home town you can have wonderful experiences – very inspiring 🙂

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