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    Clean Beauty: The Makeup Edition | Ok wow.

    So, I talked about my skin care routine in my last post. But I would also like to mention my makeup products. Honestly, it’s not that exciting because I don’t own many products. On the one hand because skin care is more important to me than make-up and I rarely wear it anyway and on the other hand because I have high standards. As you may have noticed, my skin care routine consists only of products that are natural or ‘clean’ cosmetics or that at least do not harm people or the environment. The same can’t be said about my makeup products and I will try to explain it a…

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    Misconception: Clean Beauty | Ok wow.

    Due to the climate crisis, people are trying to reduce their personal influence in various ways. Others just want to eliminate ‘toxic’ materials from their lifes. Many start in the bathroom and end up at ‘clean beauty’. But what is clean beauty and how useful is it? My skincare journey Beauty products and me have had quite a journey since I started using them as a teenager. Most of the journey took place only theoretically. As a student you don’t buy that much. I don’t want to describe this in too much detail here, so I’ll give you a short version. I really began to think about what I’m putting…