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    Microventures: Hiking in Scotland | Ok wow.

    I’m a city girl, always have been and even though I found nature quite beautiful for vacation, I was always happy to be back in the city. When I was younger going for a walk was boring to me and hiking wasn’t something I linked to the term fun. In the meantime I’ve reached an age where I think going for a walk is great (probably because I don’t live at home anymore and therefore my parents can’t ‘force’ me), but I still wasn’t a fan of hiking. Fast-forward to coming to Scotland for my Erasmus term, I realised that I have been missing out. So, this week’s blog post…

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    Microventures – My first trip in Scotland to Ayr | Ok wow.

    Travelling can have a big influence on the climate, especially long journeys and especially if we undertake them by plane. [1, 2] Even though flying accounts for only a small part of the world’s total CO2 emissions, it is still critical because the number of passengers is rising steadily and even if the proportion may be small in comparison, the absolute figures are still considerable. [3, 4] Now does that mean that we have to stay at home and renounce travelling completely? No, one way to keep up the wanderlust is to take Micro Trips. With this trend, it means that you can take short weekend trips, no matter where,…

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    Travelling to Scotland by train and back | Ok wow.

    It may seem crazy to some people, but I have decided to travel by train from Germany to Scotland; and back again. Let me tell you why. If you’ve read my last blog posts, you already know that I’m currently spending my semester abroad in Scotland. Actually, I come from Germany and when it became clear that I was going to be studying abroad, the question arose how I could travel to Scotland in the most climate-friendly way. When asking the internet (and friends), it seems that trains do better than flights in terms of environmental impact. But can this be said in such general terms? Although the CO2 load…