The List

I don’t about you, but I love the fact that the internet enables us to find recommendations for a lot of different things online. I always look for the right things for a very long time, because I want to avoid wrong decisions and don’t want to waste money.

Here, you’ll find a list with brands, shops, websites and restaurants I recommend. This list includes only things I tried myself. There are so many more options out there and I will add any new recommendations along the way.



Cafezique – if you visit Glasgow, you have to go there! It’s my favourite place to have breakfast/brunch. The vegetarian as well as the vegan breakfast are amazing. I can also recommend the french toast, but my favourite are the Eggs Florentine (ask for it, it’s not on the menu).

Mozza (italian) – very good pizza, but the quality varies. The affogato is a must try!

Paesano (italian) – as with Mozza very good pizza, but with varying quality. Also, be prepared to wait, it’s not possible to book a table.

Coia’s Cafe (italian) – amazing pasta, amazing wine, amazing bruschetta, amazing tiramisu. Just amazing!

Chaakoo (indian) – nice atmosphere, the interior is very nice. The food is really tasty and I love the concept that you can choose a lot of different dishes and share.

Bar Soba (asian fusion) – try the korean cauliflower! If you are a student, you can get 50% discount on food and 25% discount on drinks.

Hanoi Bikeshop (vietnamese) – they make the tofu in-house and it’s amazing! Also, the location and interior is nice!

Hug and Pint (vegan) – as with Chaakoo, there are small dishes that you can put together and share. The menu states where the ingredients come from.

Piece (breakfast&lunch) – great place for lunch. The california health plate is my favourite!

Bread Meats Bread (burgers) – amazing vegan burgers. Try the vegan bacon and the sweet potato fries!

[All restaurants and cafes have vegan/vegetarian and most have gf options]


In Glasgow and generally in the UK there are many shops where you can find Second Hand clothing (and other things). I will only share my absolute favourites.


The Glasgow Vintage Company (453 Great Western Road) – my absolute favourite vintage shop! (Student discount)

Retro (8 Otago St) – Nice selection of vintage clothing and fabrics. Have cash on you.

West Vintage – 649 Great Western Road

Second Hand

Save the Children (165 Byres Rd) – very well sorted. They also have sustainable (new) products.

Oxfam (171 Byres Rd) – nice assortment of records, CD’s, etc.

[Bonus: on one side of the Glasgow Vintage Co. you’ll find a really nice greengrocer’s shop and on the other side a ‘health food’ store with a cafe.]



As with beauty, I buy most of my clothing online, because it’s easier to get discounts from the sustainable clothing brands (broke student here) and I haven’t found any good second hand stores in Dresden yet. (If you have any recommendations, please write a comment!) I will include the websites in the list and mark them with SH. Some of the brands could be also listed in other categories, but I only list them in the categories of products I tried.


[Clothing tested by my significant other.]

Armed Angels

Knowledge Cotton Apparel

Nudie Jeans (just socks)

Swimwear, Underwear, Sportswear & Socks

Erlich Textil (german)

Essentials for Zula

Organic Basics

Thought Clothing

Two Thirds


Armed Angels

Avocadostore (german)

Asos Marketplace (SH, also new)

Etsy (SH, also new)


Grundstoff (german)

Kleiderkreisel (SH, german)


Organic Basics

Ubup (SH, german)

Accessories & Shoes


Jyoti Fair Works



As Good As New (IT, german)

Denttabs (Oral Hygiene)

Monomeer (Zero Waste, german)

Pela (Phone Cases)

Refurbed (IT, german)